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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Virginia over the years on many different types of projects and translations. She has always delivered superior results on time for very reasonable rates, and no job has ever been outside her realm of expertise. She is reliable, professional and I’m pleased to recommend her highly for any Spanish translation projects.”
Marion MacKenzie Pyle
Co-founder and President Epiphany Media Group
“It is my pleasure to recommend Virginia as a hard-working, highly competent, enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who did a terrific job as managing editor of our Spanish-language magazine, Alimentos Procesados. Virginia's attention to detail, ability to manage a large workload, communication skills and great attitude were key in helping us deliver an excellent product. Especially in a global economy, her writing and editing skills, in both English and Spanish, are truly an asset.”
Julia Gallo-Torres
Consumer Shopper Insights
“Virginia has provided[sic] excellent services to our clients in need of quality translation.”
Barry Allen
Excecutive Director at Vanguardians
“The quality of your work was impeccable. Most impressive was your ability to adapt to Anglo advertising and communication concepts into messages that we applicable to a Spanish-speaking audience. ”
Los Angeles Times
“Virginia, is an excellent translator, she has the skills and knowledge needed to be able to interpret the right meaning before she translates. Her knowledge of the different cultures, gives her a heads up, and she delivers a product that is both accurate in the meaning and technical data.”
Jocye Vignoles
“I have been able to rely on them for a fast turn-around. They are always on time and exactly as budgeted in their estimates. They are also able to communicate well with our graphic designer and have often caught small glitches that we missed in the English version. Consummate professionals, a pleasure to collaborate with and I am pleased to recommend them highly for any translating projects. Our regional agency has relied on their excellent services for multiple projects ranging from brochures to press releases to various types of reports. Whether dealing with complex scientific information, news or advertising materials, their work has consistently distinguished itself for its accuracy, punctuality and quality. They are utterly reliable and you will find their rates to be some of the best in the business. They made it a point to write original copy, other than just presenting a literal translation, and to use universal academic Spanish that would be understood by the Latin population.”
Metropolitan Transportation Authority, LA
“They complete all projects on schedule and are more accurate than translators we have used previously.”
Rain Bird International, CA
“Excellent writing, editing and translating skills and very conscientious, diligent, detail oriented, reliable and trustworthy and an invaluable asset to any company.”
Luis Heber Rossi
La Raza, IL
“High editorial and personal standards. Very detail-oriented, efficient and caring about their work.”
BNP Media
“One word does make a world of difference, especially in the translation of a legal document. Virginia’s quality professional care really does make a world of difference in that important, but sadly too often missing, element of delighting the customer! ”
Information Systems Manager, PA
“I would like to recommend Virginia Earl as a writer, editor, for any type of publication. She is an expert in these areas, having many years of experience in editing and writing a variety of publications. Everyone has a book in them and Virginia Earl is the person who can help you get it on paper and published. Also, if you have written a book, have you every thought of translating it into other languages and getting it published? Well, Virginia Earl and her company can help you there as well, as she can translate your book into many languages. Her work is outstanding, so give her a call.”
Robbie Motter
CEO/Founder Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) a 501 c3 non profit, Award Winning Author, Radio Show Host.
“Virginia Earl completes all projects on schedule and is more accurate than translators we have used previously.”
A. Aeschliman
Glendora, CA
“I admire the passion Virginia has for her work and the standards of excellence she holds herself up to.”
Juana Gallegos
Irvine, CA
“Your language translation expertise has been invaluable to the marketing department. Thank you so much for the terrific effort that you have put forward.”
K. Donovan
Los Angeles, CA
“TUSA made it a point to write original copy, other than just presenting a literal translation, and to use academic Spanish that would be understood by the Latin population.”
Warren Morse
Los Angeles, CA
Virginia Earl has been assisting me in editing chapters for books I have co-authored. She is very professional and thorough. Thanks to her I have participated in three anthologies in the last two years. She takes her time to not only edit misspellings, but her passion takes it even farther. She connects to the story so deeply that she adds her intuitive touch to make the story more in sync with the reader and the writer. I have worked with other editors and could not adapt to their editing style. I feel I have to do a lot more work in fixing errors. Virginia gives me a finished version I can use and submit in a timely manner. I highly recommend Virginia for your editing needs.
Dr. (h.c.) Elizabeth M Celis
Los Angeles, CA
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